Fabric Mist Base (Fiber Deodorant)

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Shape Liquid (Transparent light blue)
Country of Origin Korea
Ingredients Purified water, modified natural fermented (grain) ethanol, persimmon leaf extract, kaolin extract, flavonoid, microorganism inhibitor (1,2-hexanediol), etc.
-It is a deodorant base developed by Candle Works.
-It is a product manufactured to have a deodorizing effect even with the base alone by blending natural deodorant ingredients into the fabric mist base.
- Deodorizing power test for four types of odors has been completed. (Ammonia, Triethylamine, Hydrogen sulfide, Methyl mercaptan)
-To prevent the microbial formation in purified water, we used high-quality non-irritating preservatives used in cosmetics, not cheap preservatives.
- You can add a fragrance by mixing 1~2% of the fragrance oil you want with the deodorant base. (Emulsification test is required)